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Available @ +442032862413
Available @ +442032862413

About US

About Company

Green Trading LTD Invests in numerous sectors of the world economy including Real-estate, telecommunications, Stock, Forex, CC, IT, retail, goods, innovative technologies. We constantly include in providing increment capital and assisting in fundraising for operational and investment activities portfolio association. We understand business development as accurate and comprehensive use of technologies we've already developed by ourselves and tested in our business practice. Our knowledge, experience, and technologies function as our guarantee.

We value each client and regardless of the time and energy spent, any task is fulfilled at its best. We are aiming at a personal approach to each Client which helps to create sure the Client’s interests and reduce possible entrepreneurs’ risks. We are loyal to our work, responsible and conscientious team. Each of the teams fully devotes themselves to what they're doing so on react promptly and provide high-quality solutions to the problems identified by our Clients.

We believe that the combo of an investor, entrepreneur, and manager leads to the foremost effective results for all parties. As an investor, we'd wish to urge an honest return which we must accurately anticipate both the threats and possibilities within the market and so the business. As an entrepreneur, we have got to need exposure, snatch opportunities, rely on our intuition, and occasionally take firm action to achieve our goals. As a manager, we get people moving, provide structure, develop lasting improvements, which we help keep or make employees pleased with their company.

Uk Registered Company

Company number - NI686336

Registered office address- 7 Ardlougher Road, Irvinestown,
Co. Fermanagh, United Kingdom, BT94 1RN

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How to Start

  • Open an Account

    For start investment you must need to open an account with our company.
    After openning an account successfully,
    you can start investment.

  • Choose any Plan

    Our investment plans are designed for all users of varying financial capabilities.
    You can choose anyone or multiple investment plan to start earnings.

  • Monitor your Earnings

    The earnings will gather into your account depending on investment plan.
    It will start as soon as you make a deposit.

  • Withdraw your profits

    You'll be able to withdraw once you met the minimum withdrawal requirement.
    It will proceed as soon as you make a request.


  • Artificial Intelligence
    Managed Trades
  • ALpha Profitable
  • Strict Risk Management
  • Fully Managed Real estate
    and Tradings
  • Daily Profit Withdrawals
    or Reinvesting
  • 40 Millisecond
    Trading Speed

Green Trading LTD is an advanced investment platform Based on the UK. Founded in August 2021, focusing on Real estate and CC Trading.

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